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Inner tube Installation demonstration

inner tube Installation demonstration to reduce the tear of valve

1. Lay the Tire flat and clean the debris inside the tire.
2. Take out the inner tube of the corresponding specification, open the inner tube and lay it flat, check whether the inner tube copper rod nut gasket is loose, and check whether the inner tube is damaged or not.
3. Prepare a cloth bag, put talcum powder in it, lightly smear a layer of talcum powder on the surface of the inner tube (mainly for isolation and lubrication), pick up the inner tube and shake off the excess talcum powder.
4. Check whether the flap is damaged, and lubricate the tire cavity and flap with talcum powder.
5. Arrange the inner tube, put it flat in the tire and clean up the excess talcum powder in the flap and the tire cavity (to prevent the excess talcum powder from agglomerating).
6. Inflate the inner tube with a little air, which is convenient for assembling the flap.
7. Assemble the flap so that the center hole of the copper plate of the flap coincides with the copper rod of the valve.
8. Carefully check the joint between the flap and the inner tube to see if the edge of the flap is folded. If it is folded, please adjust it in time.
9. Assemble the tire and steel rim, and adjust the copper rod of the inner tube valve again to align it with the center of the valve groove of the steel rim.
10. Use the steel rim pressing plate to lock tightly.
11. For the inflated tire, use soapy water to test whether the valve core is leaking.
12. Install the inner tube valve cap, and reconfirm that the components are fully installed.



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