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Introduction to the causes of accelerated tyre wear and measures to extend tyre life

The tyre is the only part of the car that touches the ground, and its technical status directly affects the balance, safety and economy of the car. Therefore, it is of great significance to analyze the reasons for the acceleration of tyre wear and explore measures to extend the life of the tyre.
1. Reasons for accelerated tyre wear
1. The tyre pressure does not meet the regulations
If the tyre pressure is too low or too high, it will cause harm to the tyre. If the tyre pressure is too low, its radial deformation will increase and the sidewall deflection will be too large, which will increase the temperature of the tyre and cause fatigue damage to the carcass cord. If the tyre pressure is too high, the rigidity of the tyre will increase, and the deformation and contact area will decrease, which will increase the unit pressure in the middle of the tread and wear too fast. Experiments show that if the air pressure is increased by 25%, the tyre life will be shortened by about 30%.
2. tyre overload work
Overloading of tyres will increase the deformation of the sidewalls, rapidly increase the temperature of the tyres, accelerate the wear, and even cause the tyres to burst. When an overloaded tyre hits an obstacle, the tyre crown is more likely to burst.
3. Unreasonable selection and installation of tyres
For tyres with different types, patterns, and new and old levels, due to the actual size and load capacity of the tyres, if they are mixed at will, not only the wear of the tyres will accelerate during use, but the wear of the transmission components and fuel consumption will also increase.
4. The components of the driving system are not well matched
The technical condition of the driving system has a great influence on tyre wear. Incorrect adjustment of the toe of the front wheel will cause additional slippage of the wheel and accelerate the wear of the tread; the camber angle does not meet the standard, which will cause serious unilateral wear of the tyre; the front and rear axles are warped and not parallel, changing the normal position of the tyre , Increase the slip factor, cause non-sinking wear; when the rim is deformed or the steering mechanism is loose, it will cause the tyre to appear wave-shaped wear and so on.
5. Improper driving skills
Driving skills are closely related to tyre wear. If you start too fast, brake frequently or do not pay attention to the road, it will cause damage to the tyres.
6. Improper use and management of tyres
In the process of tyre use and management, certain natural conditions and human factors will accelerate tyre rubber aging, expansion, carcass deformation and cord mold deterioration, etc., which will reduce the performance and quality of the tyre.



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